Sera Korea's founder, Jisoo, was born in Seoul but left the country as a teenager to live in cities across the US and Europe. Throughout her life, Jisoo has looked forward to her trips back to Korea—not only for family, friends, and food, but also to see the newest styles of jewelry and beauty trends.

For Jisoo, Korean piercings exude a delicate playfulness and understated simplicity that is difficult to find anywhere else. The brand's name, Sera (새라), comes from an archaic Korean word meaning "new," and this combination of classic and contemporary, timelessness and originality, is what Jisoo looks for in every design she selects.

Jisoo believes women should do nice things for themselves. We work hard and deserve to treat ourselves to beautiful things. With their fun and delicate designs using 14k solid gold, real diamonds, real pearls, rough diamonds, and cubic zirconia, Sera's products are a small way for women to show themselves some love and add beauty to their everyday.